Sunday, November 1, 2009

Skeleton Key

Welcome back, Devoted Reader.
I hope once you acquaint yourself with my grave markings of lingering dread, you will feel free to comment on my work or remark about your fears. Imagination is the key. Never take for granted something that you can imagine better. I like to write about things just outside of the box -- sometimes horrible things and sometimes merely thoughtful things -- always unusual things. I like to write about and contemplate everyday life, with a slightly dark and sinister twist!
I especially enjoy watching movies that are equally dark, twisted, and terrifying.

Skeleton Key

Louisiana’s boggy, heavy atmosphere is a character as well as a backdrop for this 2005 thriller. Gena Rowlands at 75 is amazing in her role as feisty Violet Devereaux the wife of stroke victim Ben played by John Hurt. Home nurse, Caroline (Kate Hudson) answers an ad and finds herself becoming Ben’s live-in caretaker in a creepy old southern mansion where the mirrors are all mysteriously missing. An ornate skeleton key, a mysterious closed-up attic room, brick dust, musical chants, and hoodoo rituals blend together to cover a dark secret with a beautifully executed twist ending that this watcher didn’t see coming. This movie held my interest – I would watch it again.

The Skeleton Key (Widescreen Edition)

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