Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mafia Wars

If you haven’t heard of this fast paced, highly addictive, and a tad violent gangsta game that’s taking some of our social networks by storm, let me clue you in. My daughter and her friends play this game – requests for untraceable cell phones, sting grenades, blueprints, and silver cuff links now dominate my live feed.

It seems that on a dark screen set in 1920s New York, you arrive from Europe hoping to attain the American dream. Your dream can come in many forms, but you decide to follow the quickest, easiest, and deadliest route to achievement and fame. To do this you must work for one of New York’s Mafia Families, where you can soar up the ranks. Do you have the guts to become "The Don"? Can you survive as a mogul, a maniac, or a fearless gangster?

Your task is to stay alive as long as possible. You do this by taking out aggressive enemy gangsters who attack you from all directions. You can pick up many additional elements and allies for some fierce game-play. A perfect game for those of you looking for fast and furious yet straightforward action!

Buy weapons, ice enemies, mug, rob, steal, beat up and take out rival gangsters. I attempted to play the game to determine the attraction and to research this article. Unfortunately I simply didn’t have the patience or the desire to stick with it.

It's no joke that the Mafia Wars game can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. Unfortunately for me the weaker players tend to get “taken care of.” So watch out punks.

As far as I can determine there are no legal cheats in Mafia Wars, aside from odd glitches that intermittently happen and freeze the hell out of your game when they do. Attack increases the damage you do during fights. Defense reduces the damage done to you in fights. Health determines how well you survive fights. Energy is your ability to do jobs, and Stamina allows you to fight more often.

One of the best ways to make money in Mafia Wars is to do jobs and help your family with their jobs. Invest in property for a steady stream of income. Get into fights and target players on the hit list. There's no better enjoyment than stockpiling money while icing a gangster rival.

Choose your character depending on what you want to accomplish in the game. Moguls level up the slowest, but they make money quickly. Maniacs recover energy quickly and are better equipped for doing jobs. The fearless types recover health quickly, which gives them an advantage in fighting. Once you select your character type you cannot change it later in the game.

Play every day and you will get a bonus of three Godfather points every day that you sign in. When you level up, you will get one godfather point. You also have a chance of getting looted items while doing jobs that say “Chance to Loot” with the loot bag in the job description. Looted items can be really lame or really cool. Obviously, you want all the really cool loot. So keep doing your job and don't be lazy, punk!

If you enjoy a little gore-spattered violence and you have plenty of time to waste – this game is for you!
Call me iced and bloody in the sticks --Weezel

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