Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Essence (1)

I’ve promised more fiction so follow along with me now into the shadowed mystery of my written words. Join me in a disturbing little tale of eeriness that I call:

The Essence

I crouched quietly in the darkest corner of the room, knowing she would appear. It was summertime. Warm dry breezes wafted the curtains gently. Neighborhood noises barked an occasional protest to the night. Ghostly shadows of an old black and white horror movie danced across silvery-white walls. Movie sounds, mere whispers, hovered scarcely within earshot. The buttery aroma of popcorn lingered like incense in our comfortable old living room.
As my chin bobbed gently against my chest, the apparition loomed out of the shadows. My breath whooshed out with a soft hiss. She didn’t glance in my direction.
The angelic vision glided by me with apparent purpose.
I’ve seen her before.
I’ve always marveled at her beauty. Long dark hair fell like midnight waves across her shoulders. Raven curls swirled softly around her cherub’s face. Large green doll-like eyes stared straight ahead. Her long white nightgown billowed behind her as her bare feet whispered over the carpet.
I watched with curious wonder as she floated from room to room. She stopped occasionally to pick up a knick-knack or bright object, and ran her fingers over its contours, as if blind, before gently replacing the object. She always returned the items to different locations -- not where she’d found them. Sporadically her pale lips opened and closed and she whispered uncertainly. The words were sometimes garbled and had no meaning. At times they were perfectly clear but out of context.
Fear prickled my neck like a mohair sweater when the woman walked. I’ve thought about speaking to her. I’m curious about why she haunts my house on quiet summer nights. I wonder about her strange whisperings and even stranger wanderings.

Continued in my next post

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Anonymous said...

Nice, atmospheric opening! Very cool. I'll be happy to follow along. :)

Susan Beth Studio said...

Ditto, love the atmospheric qualities!

V.R. Leavitt said...

Very cool! Your imagery is fantastic and you have a good hook here. Well done.

Edine said...

I can definitely relate to these times.....frightening but curious episodes. thanks for the memories weezel!