Friday, November 6, 2009

Secret Eyes (4)

No one gave us any lucid reason for the many deserted buildings in West Ellis. All we got were ramblings about the general unsoundness of the structures.
Round about this time, True was getting so exasperated by the evasive answers we received, he decided that we should just go in those houses and get some information on our own. Hives bubbled on my arms at the prospect.
After reaching his decision, True didn’t talk about the empty houses for a day or two. I hoped he’d forgotten about the plan or maybe had been talking big for my benefit. Should have known him better.
One Saturday, we planned to bike up Notch Road to Pancake Rock. John Mister told True how to find the rock and he wanted to sketch it for his ever-growing collection of small town drawings. The rocky ledge was supposed to be round, flat and resting on an outcrop of smaller rocks like a stack of pancakes. John Mister’d said we could climb to the top and see a good bit of West Ellis from up there.
Sure enough we found the strange rock formation in an old cow pasture at the top of Notch Road. I wandered around it looking for a way up as True sketched. Circling the huge rock, I noticed a stunted birch growing up and over the backside of the rock. It made perfect handholds for easy climbing. In five minutes I was on the top shouting down at True. Later, when he showed me his sketch, I noticed that he had penciled me in on the top of the giant flat rock. Both of my thin arms stretched toward the glowering sky.

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Anonymous said...

So far, I'm really enjoying this story. It's well-written and has a homey feel I like. One thing I'd like to recommend to you though -- as long as you're using something with linear posts like Blogger -- is to include a link from one installment to the next one, and the previous one if applicable. That will make the story easier for someone to follow, especially if you interject other entries in between.

Keep up the good work! It's really fun so far!

Weezel said...

Thank you for your critique. I'm so glad that you're enjoying my posts. I agree that the linear problem makes these posts more difficult to read. I plan to NOT place entries between the story parts because I think it would prove too confusing for readers. Not sure how to link the posts. I'll do some blogger studying to see what I can find out. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Weezel!

No critique here! I just enjoyed the story. I really like it to this point and I'm looking forward to more!

To make a link from one post to the next, you have to have the previous post's URL. You can get it from the address bar of your browser by selecting it, and right-clicking, then choosing Copy from the context menu.

Once that's done, in your new post, figure out where you'd like to put the link (I generally did a link to the first installment at the top of the post, and a link to the previous installment and the next installment at the bottom of the post when I used Blogger). Then use this HTML code:

< a*href=*"Put-the-URL-You-Copied-Here">Go on to the Next Installment< /*a>

(PLEASE NOTE: Remove the *'s and spaces from the above, and paste the URL in between the quote marks.)

That will give you a link which reads "Go on to the Next Installment" and provides a hyperlink to the next piece. Of course, you can only do this after you've written the post, or there's no URL to insert. Heh.

Hope this helps!

Weezel said...

This is a huge help. I've printed your instructions and will attempt this soon.
Thanks, again.