Monday, October 26, 2009

Seed of Evil

Devoted Reader,

Does violence beget violence? I suggest that maybe watching violent films, playing violent games, or reading violent novels may give one enough of a violence “fix” to get through the day. If that doesn’t work try the daily news! The world (and your own back yard) can be a violent place. Should some of that violence be censored? If you think about little kids (twelve and under) absolutely. Kids have enough to worry about just surviving peer pressure. They certainly don’t need a shot of extra violence on top of that! For your average Jane and Joe Middleclass, however, fictional violence may be more of a blessing than a plague.
Hopefully, the words below will give a few of us our Violence Fix for today. I call this delightful little tale . . .

Seed of Evil

The instant Claudia slipped backwards off the windowsill, she sensed the hundreds of feet of open space beneath her. What a rush!
The point of no return. The perfect ending to her life.
In her mind’s eye, Claudia pictured the devastation left behind as her body plummeted to destruction.
Her children, once beautiful sweet little babies, now slept the deepest sleep of all. How could she have known they’d become nagging and whiny? They drove her to it. Never giving her a moment’s peace. She felt no remorse. She had to do it. They had spied on her . . . watched as she buried the ice pick into their father over and over again.
Cried. Actually cried for him. How ungrateful. Didn’t they know she had done them a favor? Didn’t they know that she had to do it . . . he had found out about some of the others.
Once the necessary deeds were done she had thought about relocating and starting over; then she heard the sirens. Somebody had called 911.
No other way out now.
They’d never take her alive. The sidewalk rushed up and took Claudia’s life, but not before the evil seed planted behind her left ear had a chance to burst forth and bury itself in a female spectator. The spectator scratched at an itchy place behind her left ear and thought: What a beautiful way to die.

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