Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One Pleasant Street

Leona L. writes:
Dear Weezel,
I’ll tell you what scared me. Last week I had a nightmare about this big old creepy house. I can see the house in my mind’s eye as though I’m still standing there. It looked three stories tall with a gray slate roof and really weird windows. No two windows were the same. Round, square, tiny, and a few huge bulging picture type. All the windows had heavy white lace curtains shutting out the world. A giant porch wrapped around three visible sides of the eerie mansion. Above the front door -- written in large ornate script -- were the words:
One Pleasant Street
Suddenly my dog cried from somewhere. Was she inside the house . . . I hear whimpers as I run along the porch to each of the peculiar windows.
“Cricket! Where are you?”
The windows are veiled, I see nothing inside. I run for the front door – but there is no knob, just a thick glass oval window shrouded by heavy lace curtains.
Unexpectedly the door silently swings in and a dark shadow blots out the lightness of the day. Cowering bonelessly on the porch . . . I woke up. My Sheltie Cricket moaned softly in her sleep but we were safe in my bedroom.
Today I found a business card tucked under my front door.
Lacey’s Dog Grooming Boutique
1 Pleasant Street
Smokey Hill, Nebraska
It chilled my bones. Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll take Cricket to that Nebraska boutique . . . ever.

Dear Leona,
Aren’t creepy house dreams fantastic? Your dream gave me a delightful shiver . . . You opened my mind and let me look further into the blackness of the unexplained. I believe that something unknown really does exist out there and deep within our tired little minds we know it. We know it and we dream about it.
Thanks for sharing your dream with us. --W

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