Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Welcome back. The nightmares continue with bone crunching regularity from this dark and gruesome pit of evil. I’ve been asked to review random Horror Movie Flicks from time to time.
All movie reviews will be based on my personal opinion.
A thumbs up rating will indicate a good flick to watch on a dark night as the wind howls eerily around the eaves of your room. A thumbs down rating would suggest that you can feel free to melt the DVD down and recycle the plastic into a trick-or-treat Jack-O’Lantern for lugging candy around this Halloween.
Misery (1991) Horror-Suspense novel written by Stephen King, screenplay by William Goldman, and movie directed by Rob Reiner.
It’s no mystery to me that Kathy Bates won an Academy award for best actress with this flick. If you’ve read the book, you can see that her portrayal of the brutal nurse Annie Wilkes is downright uncanny. James Caan is also very believable as the unfortunate writer Paul Sheldon caught in the deranged clutches of his number one fan. You may want to cover your eyes when she swings back the sledgehammer.
This one is a must see for King fans and horror lovers. If you haven’t seen this yet, you may want to put this one on your MUST SEE list for this Halloween season.


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