Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Media Musings I

My Media Musings I:

Sometimes I have questions. Being a TV junkie in a world of other TV junkies, I’m going to heave a few television questions out to my devoted readers. Please feel free to answer, comment, or leave questions of your own -- for future musing.

[1.]What the hell is Fringe about? When this new program first aired, I missed the very first episode due to a conference. I thought this show might be Fox’s new X Files replacement, but I’ve watched every subsequent episode, and I still don’t know what’s happening. I know that the FBI is involved (like X Files), there is one male and one female agent connected (like X Files), and that occasionally a really cool monster shows up (like X Files), but basically I find this show very difficult to follow. I don’t know what dimension the characters are working in most weeks, but it seems there’re more than one. Anybody have a clue as to what’s going on here?

[2.]Does anyone remember that in 1977 a remake of Jimmy Stewart’s It’s a Wonderful Life came out starring Marlo Thomas? The movie was called It Happened One Christmas. Marlo Thomas played Mary Baily, the female version of Jimmy Stewart’s character. I may take a beating for this, but I liked this remake better than the original movie and I’m wondering why it never shows up during the holidays like all of the other sappy Christmas stories out there? Does anyone know anything else about this movie and why it doesn’t repeat like most others?

[3.]Is there any other person on TV as annoying as Mary Murphy? I used to really enjoy watching the show So You Think You Can Dance. This year I haven’t watched it nearly as much because I simply cannot take Mary Murphy’s screaming, braying, caterwauling, and unfocused judgments. Anybody else have an opinion?



Mark Kerstetter said...

Fringe is an excuse to get all weepy over a guy with a brain like Einstein and the emotions of a child who puts a tracking chip under his skin so his son can find him when he gets lost going around the block. Oh Brother.

Never saw the remake, but it must be awfully good!

No, there is no one on TV - or probably anywhere, for that matter - as annoying as that So You Think You Can Dance chick.

FogDog said...

Fringe is the next generation x-files. In fact, for anyone who was really paying attention, the x-files was referenced in one episode. I don't know the episode name, but there was an episode when the special agent in charge had to go to Washington because they were going to shut down their division. When he meets with the panel of congressmen one of them makes a comment that "The Fringe division and it's predecessor the "X" division have always been a big financial drain and provided very little results".

In a nutshell, It's a story about an FBI agent who investigates cases in the realm of fringe science. Her team is composed of a brilliant but crazy man (Walter Bishop) that was locked up in a mental institution for a long time, his son (Peter Bishop), and some other assistant who really doesn't have much of a storyline. There's a lot of background around the father and son, some of it has already come out and some is still out there. Before being committed, the father was a great scientist in the field of fringe science and he worked with another scientist who is currently hanging out in the other dimension (William Bell played by Leonard Nimoy). Each week they work on cases and get a step closer to finding the guy who is trying to open the portal to the other universe (Something Peter Bishop has done before but cannot remember how).

Personally I didn't like last season, it started with a lot of conspiracy around a giant corporation (Massive Dynamics) and I didn't care for it. This season, however, has focused more around an alternate universe and a plot from the other side to open a portal. Unlike X-Files which would have many episodes totally un-related to the backstory, Fringe episodes are almost always related so you realy have to keep up with it. Unlike Mark K., I tend to enjoy Walter Bishop's character and the recent episodes surrounding his brain have been pretty cool (I don't want to throw any spoilers out in case someone hasn't seen them yet). The only character I don't care for is the FBI agent (Olicvia Dunham). Her character is pretty one-dimensional and she just doesn't seem to be a good fit for a lead role. Maybe they will develop that character more in the future. It's not my favorite show, but definitely worth an hour of my time each week.

Sorry this comment was a little long, I hope it offered you some insight.

Weezel said...

Thanks for the info, I must have missed more episodes than I thought.

Anonymous said...

...candidly Wzl...forget TV and write...or read other scary stuff in your genre. You need to get some story(s) up on Smashwords this year. You opposed to another income stream...flowing your way? thought not!