Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Ouija; a Letter from Abby

Dear Weezel,

I have a scary story that I can’t seem to get out of my mind now that Christmas is fast approaching.

The Christmas when I was eleven, I received an antique Ouija Board from Santa. To this day, none of my relatives admit to sending the board to me and my parents swear they don’t know what I’m talking about. Nevertheless, as I scratched the outdated, yellow-tinged gift-wrap from the old box, I noticed the game appeared ancient. The folded wooden board had obviously suffered many scratches and gouges across its frightening, alphabetized face. The metal planchette looked thin, rickety, and tattered, its glass window yellowed and cloudy with age, its felt sliders had worn to paper-thin scraps of fabric on its three tiny feet.

My sister Bonny and I immediately set up the board across our knees and proceeded to ask it questions. We had seen this done before on a recent episode of “Checkmate.”

With horrified fascination, we watched as the board spelled out a story about a restless spirit trapped in our house. His name was Golum Ace.

When we asked Mr. Ace how we could help him achieve a peaceful rest, we were instructed to check an old trunk in the attic for a missing letter to his wife. Golum could not move toward the light without this letter for his wife.

My sister and I grabbed flashlights and rushed off to find the trunk and letter. Sure enough, slid in behind the brittle paper lining of a tattered old trunk under the eaves in our crawlspace attic we found a thin, yellowed sheet of parchment with old-fashioned spider scrawls across it in letter fashion. The letter was signed with an ornate G. & A., but we could not decipher the words – they appeared to be written in a foreign language.

Although we tried and tried to contact Mr. Ace again on that Christmas night, the old planchette refused to move across the ancient Ouija Board ever again.

The next morning, the Ouija Board, planchette, box, and letter were gone and except for my sister Bonny, nobody in my family even remembers that this happened.

My sister and I have stopped bringing it up because they all look at us like we’re crazy. We know it happened!

Thanks; it’s a relief to get this creepy story off my chest.

Abby H.

Dear Abby,

I’m familiar with the “Ouija Board” which has been around since about 1890. Your story sent a delicious chill down my spine as I pictured the happenings of that long ago Christmas Day. I’ve always known the Ouija concept was mysterious and I’ve heard lots of controversy and cool stories surrounding its use, none quite as unique as yours.

Here is a link to an online Museum of Talking Boards – FYI, and I’ll also include a link to another more informative page about Ouija. I think I know what happened, but ultimately you’ll need to form your own conclusions. Thanks for writing and I hope you have a peaceful Christmas. You deserve it after keeping this under wraps for so long!

Ouija: The Most Dangerous Game


V.R. Leavitt said...

He he letter. :-) I like the format of these stories with the letter and the response. Very creative.

Garry M. Graves said...

...very imaginative Wzl, interesting format.

Garry M. Graves said...

...this story sets up another 'sci-fi' bit. How bout it?

Susan Beth Studio said...

Love this Weezel! Brought back lots of slumber party memories!

Anonymous said...

Love the way you handled this. Read like an actual letter and felt very authentic.

Weezel said...

Thanks for all of the positive comments and suggestions. Every one means a lot to me!

G.P. Ching said...

Oh gosh, this was so much fun. The letter concept is terrific and draws you right in. Well written too. I grew up in a religious household where we were taught you could be possessed if you used a Ouija. Of course, around 11 I tried it and see what happened!! Wahhahahahaha!

Horror with Heart said...

Love that the board and letter disappear without revealing the contents of the letter. A clever final touch, having the answering letter begin "Dear Abby." Ha.