Monday, December 28, 2009

Claustrophobic Dreams, a Letter from Gina

Dear Weezel,
I’ve been claustrophobic for years, but since I know my limitations I’m very careful not to place myself in any situations that may cause a flare-up.

Lately, however, I’ve been having a mind-numbing dream. I’ve experienced this dream about once per week for several months. Even thinking about it makes my heart race a little, but I’ll do my best to write the details down in this letter while they’re fresh in my mind.

In my dream I’m just pulling my car up to a large dark green house . . . The house is massive with gingerbread-like eaves and windows that remind me of half-lidded eyes for some reason.

I enter the house and find myself in a huge room. It looks like a ballroom and the furniture is ornate and expensive looking. The door I entered through has disappeared, but I see a smaller door far away in the opposite wall. I quietly walk to the new door that opens into another large room. These rooms absolutely sparkle with antiques and richness and I want to stay and explore each one thoroughly, but a nagging inner voice tells me that I need to keep moving.

As I move from room to room, I notice each room is smaller than the previous until finally I’m wedged into a tiny little room in which I can neither move forward nor backward. This room has a tiny little window in it also, but I cannot reach it no matter how much I claw and tear at the walls and woodwork trying to get to the window and out of the house.

At this point I usually wake in a cold sweat with blankets wrapped so tight about my body that I can barely breathe.

To make matters worse, I am a real estate agent and today I drove by the next house on my caseload. I say that I drove by it because I was afraid to stop . . . You see it’s that same green house that I’ve been dreaming about for weeks now.

Dear Gina,
Oh, dear! This is such a deliciously chilling predicament that I’m a tad speechless. I did a little research on dreams. Ask yourself the following questions:
· What element in my life right now seems most threatened? (Search for the ah-hah meaning)
· Is there a possibility that it could be damaged or hurt in any way?

A building in a dream usually points directly to a specific area of your life (your job? your affliction?).
Dreams of great buildings -- like you mention -- usually indicate the dream has a great meaning, and should be taken seriously, as well as any applied association.

Please Note: Before entering that house, I suggest you thoroughly analyze this dream. Your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something important. I’m enclosing a few links to help you. Good Luck!



Susan Beth Studio said...

Wow - Gina, being a fellow claustrophobic, you have my deepest sympathies. I have never dreamt about my claustrophobia, it's bad enough in real life. Good luck with your dream interpretations, and I hope you can pass off that house to another realtor!
Weezel, love the new look of your blog!

G.P. Ching said...

The new blog looks terrific.

This letter from Gina reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Alice in Wonderland. Chilling and fanciful.

Tim Remp said...

I was making a mental comparison to ‘Alice in Wonderland’ while I was reading Gina’s letter too. I liked your approach to dream interpretations. I have a few books on the subject myself. It’s always an interesting subject to talk about and research.