Monday, February 1, 2010

Introducing Guest Author: William A Hyland IV

Introducing Guest Author: William A Hyland IV.
Will is my 16 year old nephew who attends Tri-County school in Easthampton, and lives in North Chester, Massachusetts.
I, for one, think he's an excellent writer of horror, but please judge for yourselves devoted reader as we delve into his essay of the damned entitled . . .

Circles of Hell
William A Hyland IV

The first circle in Hell is for the people who practice the dark arts. Eternally damned to live in the dark, there is no amount of light for them. As they always embraced the darkness, they are damned to spend eternity in it. The awful reek of death is everywhere and they cannot see the floor of dead bodies they eat from, sleep on, and live with. Every so often the demon Amon returns with more and more corpses to fill the chamber with, while Mephistopheles is known to guard this chamber and torture the souls within, to the point where the souls are knee deep in maggot-covered corpses. The walls constantly leak blood creating a slick surface so the damned can never escape. Permanently trapped in this torture, the lesser demons enjoy wreaking havoc upon the souls here, constantly calling to them in the voices of loved ones from the darkness, flying through the chamber and hitting the souls with clubs. The souls are trapped in a permanent state of mockery. People like Alastair Crowley and H.P. Lovecraft are doomed to this terrible ring of hell.

The next ring is created for the gluttonous, those who overate and overindulged in everything. The people trapped upon this level of hell are doomed to eat the remains of their loved ones all day, until their stomachs literally explode from eating so much. They eat the maggot and rotting flesh-strewn bodies of their closest friends and family. If they try to stop, the demons will begin to devour the damned souls’ flesh, until they resume eating. Everyday the damned souls’ flesh returns and they start the day starving. If they stop even as the demons are devouring them, they will be restrained and the food will be forced down their throats, often to the point where the throat ruptures. Trays and operating tables abound to restrain them. The room has a clean, almost medical smell about it, besides the stench of death. The demons that guard this chamber, while grotesque, have on nurses’ and doctors’ outfits. The arch-demon who guards this chamber is known as Bast, who uses her cat-like claws to rip the souls trapped inside to shreds quite often. Blood is everywhere, filling the surgical equipment, and it’s so thick and heavy you can almost taste it in the air.

The third circle is for thieves, the cowards of the wicked world. Demons only feel the need to torture these souls, the favorite torture being to chop their fingers off over and over again, healing them just to cut their hands off. The demons love this, as the thieves are cowards and the demonic have no respect for the cowardly. The demons make these souls shake and tremble with fear. They despise the people they torture and make them hurt all the time. The smell of blood is dominant here. Anyone who enters this chamber can almost feel the souls tortured pain. The ambient screams can almost be tuned out but never all the way, as they are so plentiful.

The fourth circle is where the pedophiles and rapists reign. Demogorgon guards this chamber, as he is a demon who is so terrible mortals should not even know his name. The pedophiles are doomed to feel permanently disgraced. Their extremities permanently disfigured and healed everyday, only a slight measure of the torture they must endure everyday. For the heinous acts they have committed, no torture is worthy other than to make them feel the pain of their victims. This hall is about torturing the souls trapped inside minds, making them feel the fear their victims felt. The souls are doomed to relive everything their victims have felt. The souls feel this from their victims’ point-of-view being raped and mutilated everyday. The demons even take sick pleasure in this act. The smell of rank sex and sweat is permanent in this chamber. The taste of what the demons have done to them is too terrible to begin describing, but I think you can imagine.

These circles are full of torment and pain, and the victims who enter here never escape. They will be doomed, always to this repeat pain and torture. Once here you will never escape. So maybe you should rethink the way you are living your life, as you may wind up one of these tortured souls one day.

The First Three Circles Of Hell - Epitaph For The Disfigured
The First Three Circles Of Hell - Epitaph For The Disfigured


FogDog said...

I couldn't help but think of the Simpsons when I was reading circle #2. Remember when Homer went to hell and had to keep eating donuts? He showed them! (sorry but I tend to find the humor in just about anything)

Not a bad piece. I thought there were 9 circles of hell? Where do murderers go? Very descriptive and I do like the use of irony in each circle.

Will Hyland said...

When I wrote this it was an assignment for class and we only used the first few circles from dantes, sorry for the late reply.