Monday, January 11, 2010

My Media Musings II

My Media Musings II:

Sometimes I have questions. Being a TV junkie in a world of other TV junkies, I’m going to throw a few television questions out to my devoted readers. Please feel free to answer, comment, or leave questions of your own -- for future musing.

1. Are Super Nanny’s parent meetings becoming ever more intense? Sometimes after her initial observations I become afraid FOR the parents, knowing what’s coming. When her show first started her meetings seemed calmer . . . more helpful. Now they are confrontational and severe. Perhaps some marketing guru on the show decided that this would increase ratings. I still keep watching, but those parent meetings are starting to scare me. Hmmmmm.

2. I am an avid watcher of Court TV . . . I know, I know, it can be pretty silly sometimes but I’ve been hooked for years. My two favorites: Judge Judy and People’s Court. My question is: would anyone in his or her right mind really sue a relative? Mothers suing daughters, brothers suing brothers – what the heck? If I sued my siblings or my children every time they didn’t repay a loan, I’d have a guest spot on Judge Joe Brown! Can you dig it? “Now Weezel . . . you’re just takin’ care of business!”

3. Does anyone else think that the singing and dancing snots in the Mucinex commercials are disgusting? This is the best they could come up with? The idea is ludicrous. Every time I get a cold now I think about those scary little green dudes performing in my chest cavity – it’s what good nightmares are made from. I hate to think this is an ad-man’s triumph in a sea of unremarkable commercials. Anybody else have an opinion?

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Susan Beth Studio said...

Hey Weezel, fun post! Sorry for the length of mine, it's more like another post than a comment!

My family and I are fans of Super Nanny, although we miss a lot due to schedules and have to make it up on the "Style" channel. I must agree, I think her parent meetings are getting a bit harsher, almost every case I think the parents DESERVE IT! They are either complete morons, or just clueless. Then sometimes we wonder how much is real and how much is staged. In reality tvland, you can never be too sure. I think your idea that the producers might have a hand in it is very possible, anything for ratings - the more people on tv squirm, the better we feel about ourselves! I have to say though, that at least Jo does give the parents credit when they do something right, which unfortuantely, isn't most of the time. As my husband says, "There's no shortage of stupid people in the world"!

As for JJ, I have to say, court TV never appealed to me, but I'm sure some of your readers will have an opinion. But I do admire the petite Judge and her moxie!

In response to your take on the mucus guys - YES! I agree, they are completely repulsive! I'm especially critical of commercials. Just for the record, we really don't watch much TV, but when we do, we really pay attention! Anyway, I hate commercials so much because of my extremely heightened senses. My hearing is so sensitive I drive everyone nuts saying "mute it, mute it!", then on so many ads as is the trend, the camera is zooming around like crazy and on FF. I get motion sickness very easily, so I've got to turn away, which is usually no loss anyway. But my other beef with commercials is when they show close ups of people eating or blowing their nose! UGH, I mean REALLY who wants to SEE that!

On the flip side I appreciate a really clever commercial - there are so few! I've already taken up too much space, so I won't get into it here, maybe next time you muse!

Weezel said...

Thanks for the conversation . . . Always feel free to write or say as much as you want to my blog. I enjoy reading your comments! On Super Nanny (I love her show also . . . I'm continually telling my children "Super Nanny does it this way" when they have parenting issues)-- Yes, some of the parents are really out there. It would have been a cold day in H*** before either of my children ever treated me like some do on that show!
On JJ -- I love the way she doesn't take any s*** from egotistical and arrogant MEN! She does not hesitate to let them have it, if they deserve it. I really like that about her. She tells it like is with stupid women also, but I've seen her really bully some bullies who needed bullying!
As for commercials, my favorite is still that Pepsi commercial where the dog ate the man's sandwich and drank his Pepsi and then placed a live cat on the empty sandwich wrapper just before his master returned.
Thanks for the fun conversation!

Susan Beth Studio said...

Sure thing - looking forward to your next musing!
I missed the dog/cat commercial, sounds like a riot!