Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dragon Chronicles VIII

Note about my prediction quatrains. For my devoted readers who visit every Wednesday just to read my latest Prediction Quatrain (fashioned in the spirit of Nostradamus) and couldn’t find one posted last week, please check the right hand column of my blog for a section called “Dragon Chronicles.” On those occasions when I’m posting daily chronological fiction, like I did last week for my story “Caretaker,” I will post the latest quatrain here under “Dragon Chronicles.” This section will hold the last five weekly predictions until such time as I can include them into my regular postings so that future readers may navigate them. Thank you so much for your queries and interest! Now let’s step into the future . . .

VIII. Dimensions fold across the way
Opening doors from Janis through May
Visitors weave around the fuse
Cracking a code that’s not a ruse

The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus

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