Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eyeland, Part 2

Eyeland, Part 2
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Cupping my hands over my mouth, I shouted, “Hullo-o anybody home?”


Cautiously, I put my boot on the first step—not even a creak. The cabin smelled new, like fresh cut pine. Its outer walls held the same waxiness of the trees and bushes that I’d encountered earlier. Inside, it was a Real Estate treasure: the kind of cabin rich out-of-staters would pay up the nose for, with a healthy commission for yours truly.

As I browsed through the kitchen, I noticed that along with a fully stocked ‘fridge, the cupboards contained enough food to feed a small army. Someone must live here or was planning to move in soon.

Ha, imagine the poor dude’s surprise when he went looking for his new island paradise and it was gone: washed away with the spring rains. It could only happen in Maine!

Before I left, there were some temptingly familiar brown bottles in the fridge. I was sure nobody would miss one beer, but just to be on the safe side, I tucked a dollar bill under the remaining brown soldiers.

The beer was cold, sharp and bitter and as I headed for the boat, I speculated on how long that ‘fridge had been without power.

Worries about the power situation soon faded when I couldn’t find the boat. Although I was sure about where I’d left it, the damn thing had vanished. It seemed like I’d been on the island only a few minutes, but the sky was darkening rapidly.

I was tired, so tired that finding the boat seemed like an insurmountable task. My mind wanted to worry about it but the tiredness seeped in and pushed the worries aside.

In the beautiful cabin, I stretched out on a soft bed and drifted.



I awoke feeling fuzzy and disoriented. I’d sensed movement in the night and remembered some vague worry about the island moving downstream, better find out. Food first, I was starving. Dude that owned this cabin wouldn’t miss a few Pop-Tarts, I thought, parting with another dollar. The pastry was almost as bitter as yesterday’s beer, but it stopped the hungries as I headed toward the island’s shore in search of my boat.

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